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Page history last edited by Vance Stevens 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Welcome to FCWR101

A writing course taught by Vance Stevens

for NYIT in Abu Dhabi UAE, Sept-Dec 2011 


This space is the public portal for this course.

Materials will be added here as they are developed.


If you want to join our class Twitter list please let Vance know your Twitter ID



Week 9

Syllabus objectives for Week 9


  • Further discussion on APA
  • Referencing, quoting, summarizing academic sources
  • Incorporating secondary sources into an argument
  • Intro. to plagiarism
  • Basic Internet & Research Skills;
  • Learning about Info. Resource Databases
  • Submission of 1st draft of research paper with outline (on Tuesday)
    see handout 


The machine is using us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLlGopyXT_g

Heavy Metal Umlaut: http://jonudell.net/udell/gems/umlaut/umlaut.html


Mini-academic research paper guidelines


Click here or in sidebar to see the guidelines


Week 8

Syllabus objectives for Week 8


  • Discussion on research paper
  • Discuss research topics
  • Introduction to APA
  • Sample APA research paper
  • Test essay 2 (Nov 1, 2011)


Introduction to APA - Sunday, October 30, 2011

Purdue OWL, writing research papers in APA style http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/


Handouts given out last Tuesday also need to be linked from here (note to teacher from Vance :-)


Test Essay #2 - Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Quiz and essay marking in general

You have a rubric for marking in your syllabus

In addition here are some minimum requirements for your essays :


An outline of the essay

  • Introduction - Somewhere in this paragraph, a clear and focused statement of the thesis
    1. A good topic sentence for the paragraph
    2. Some background on the topic 
    3. A good conclusion for the paragraph
  • At least one paragraph supporting the thesis
    1. A good topic sentence for the paragraph
    2. At least one sentence supporting the topic of the paragraph
    3. The more sentences to support the topic the better
    4. A good conclusion for the paragraph
  • Possibly one or more paragraphs like the one above
  • Conclusion
    1. A good topic sentence for the paragraph
    2. Somewhere in the paragraph, a re-worded re-statement of the thesis
    3. A good conclusion for the paragraph, which also concludes the essay


A good essay might start from an outline - a test essay should definitely start from an outline 

If you write the essay without an outline (good writers with clear ideas to communicate can do that) then you should be able to prepare an outline from the essay.



Quick links to topics for Weeks 1 - 7 (also, see Sidebar --> 


For information that was here, follow links in the Sidebar


Or find direct links to:



About the course


Important announcements - New for Oct 16


Your teacher has decided to complete the lesson on Introductions and Conclusions on Sunday Oct 16 so as to give Test Essay 1 on Tuesday Oct 18.  There will be a class on Thu Oct 20, for feedback on your test essay finishing the section on outlining, and work on cohesive devices (discourse markers).


From Oct 11 - about revising your work by final due date

Hi dear students, many of you are losing marks because you are not revising your work.  


Your teacher thinks you learn most when you revise.  Therefore if you have work due on a certain day, I will mark it and then give you a couple of days to revise it for a higher mark.  


For example, your paragraph (or two) on comparison / contrast was due on Sunday Oct 9.  I marked it on Monday Oct 10, and you will see my feedback by class time Tuesday Oct 11, with a preliminary mark.  You will see that you can REVISE these paragraphs by Thursday Oct 13, and I will re-mark them.  So if I gave you a C on first reading you can get a B or an A depending on how well you do the revision.


Please note that due to the high workload in this system, I will NOT re-mark work that is past the final revision deadline.  Thanks for your understanding :-)


Previous announcements:


What was here on Oct 2 has been moved here <== click to see

Please view the new page to see what has been added

For example, there is a chart showing when assessments are due and their % of your mark

and what to put in your binder


Posterous blog (moved to Wordpress)


See the blog here: http://fcwr101nyit.wordpress.com/

For more information: http://fcwr101.pbworks.com/w/page/46420971/about#Posterous


Of course your contribution counts toward the 20% of your mark that goes for professionalism and class participation


Tools and key concepts


Creative Commons


Important premises:

  1. If you CREATE content you own the copyright.  
    You do not have to write @copyright on it.  It is YOURS if you create it.
  2. Creative commons allows creators of content to indicate how others can use it within a LEGAL framework defining what use is allowed 


Creative Commons is a way that creators of content online can indicate to consumers of content that they (the consumers) can use their copyrighted work as long as they (1) attribute the source, and (2) share alike (license their own content containing the copyrighted work in the same way).


There are other rights that can be specified; for example, content creators can allow or disallow commercial re-use of their material, and can allow or disallow derivatives (e.g. mashups) of their work.



The Complete Lexical Tutor (with concordance program)


This tool is great for seeing how others use words in context

The Compleat Lexical Tutor http://www.lextutor.ca/

Links to a CONCORDANCE program http://www.lextutor.ca/concordancers/

Choose a corpus (a body of text) of a genre that interests you

OR chose the combined LOB and Brown with a corpus of over 2 million words




FAB1 played with this tool: (didn't work all that well :-)


To join, create a student account

Use this code 2mh4xu 


Word: Track Changes


Here's a video showing how to use the Review tab / Track Changes in WORD

to show the file with Markup ON or view without the the markup (FINAL)



After reviewing the markup, and making changes according to the comments, change your view to FINAL when ready to submit the final work.



Teacher's links






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