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Week 1 in FCWR101



Syllabus objectives for week 1


• Course intro. & overview & Syllabus - DONE

• Diagnostic in-class paragraph writing - DONE by all students present first week

• Common writing errors (discussed & reviewed)

• Discuss diagnostic writing sample (feedback session) - Feedback is being given via shared Google Doc

• Process Writing: 2-4 - We went over this in class in the writing spaces noted below

• Pre-Writing: Getting Ready to Write: 5-10 - Assigned reading for Sunday Sept 18



Tuesday, Sept 13, 2011


Writing spaces used in class Tuesday Sept 13, 2011





Homework assigned Tue Sept 13, due Sunday Sept 18


  • Please create an account at http://posterous.com
  • Please create an account at http://gmail.com  
  • Please obtain the course textbook and read pages 2-4 and 5-10 
    College Writing from Paragraph to Essay by Dorothy Zemach and Lisa Rumisek 
  • Please create a Google Doc in which you revise the writing sample you did on the first day of class.  
    Try to improve it through revision techniques suggested on pp.5-10 of the textbook.
  • Share this document with vancestev@gmail.com BEFORE Sunday Sept 18 (so I can give feedback)


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