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Page history last edited by Vance Stevens 12 years, 6 months ago

Week 2 in FCWR101


Syllabus objectives for Week 2


These were the syllabus objectives achieved in Week 2


  • Pre-Writing: Getting Ready to Write: 5-10 - Assigned reading for Sunday Sept 18
  • Introduction to paragraph 
  • Developing topic sentences and paragraph structure
  • Paragraph “Beginnings & Endings”
  • The Structure of a Paragraph: 11-16
  • The Development of a paragraph 17-24


Tuesday, Sept 20, 2011


Today we'll check p.10 in your book (crossword puzzle)

We'll go over pp.11-16 in the book, on paragraph structure (was homework due today)


CyberSpaces used for today


We'll start on pp.17-23, Development of a paragraph (homework due on Sunday, Sept 25)

Freewriting after brainstorming, developing your chosen topic sentence


Homework assigned Tuesday Sept 20 (due Sunday Sept 25)


Complete in your book the exercises for Chapter 3 on pp.17-23, Development of a Paragraph

Bring your books or photocopies to class to show your teacher that you have done all assigned work for Chapters 2 and 3


Revise your writing sample so that your paragraph is structured as is taught in the book

Your writing sample is the 150 word paragraph you did for me on the first day you came to my class. 

It is on one of 4 topics (The best/worst day of my life/holiday).


I asked you to enter that into Google Docs and share it with me, and then revise it so it met the requirements for a good paragraph

We have been working on good paragraph structure during the first two weeks of this class. 

We have also been working on writing process, which includes prewriting, writing, and revision activities.

In this assignment you are to demonstrate that you can write one good paragraph so that  

  • it forms one indented paragraph
  • there is an accurate title for your paragraph
  • there is a concisely worded topic sentence or thesis statement
  • the next sentences support and develop that topic or thesis
  • it concludes by showing how the topic/thesis is supported


Paste this work into a Google Doc and share it with vancestev@gmail.com

VERY IMPORTANT please put YOUR NAME on your work, and the date you submitted it


If you gave me a version of your work over the weekend, then I pasted this into it:

  • The title for your paragraph - give it a good one that narrows the topic
  • Indent your paragraph (required in this course)
  • Make it form ONE well-structured indented paragraph
    Or if you want to have two paragraphs, both of them indented, well structured, etc.
  • Be sure there is a concisely worded thesis statement or topic sentence
  • The next sentences support and develop that thesis or topic
  • Conclude with a sentence showing how the thesis/topic is supported
  • If you feel you have already accomplished the above, then add some details or improve wording to get your point across even better than you have already

By SUNDAY Sept 25 your teacher will READ your paragraph and mark it on the above criteria.

No marks will be given after this date :-(sorry)


This marking scheme will be applied at the end of the day Sunday Sept 25:

  • For an A - Topic and paragraph structure are as stated above
  • For a B - Topic is correct but you didn't attend to one or two items of paragraph structure (no title,  didn't indent, no conclusion)
  • For a C - The paragraph structure is good but the topic is not correct
  • For a D - Topic incorrect, little attention to good paragraph structure 
  • For an F - didn't do it at all by Sunday Sept 25 



Sunday, Sept 18, 2011

Pre-writing: Getting ready to write, in College Writing from Paragraph to Essay, pages 5-10

We are working in this course toward creating essays that support thesis statements. 

 - Our first step is to have an appropriately narrowed and properly expressed topic.

 - Second, this week we work at the paragraph level.  We will produce paragraphs that 

  • have accurate titles
  • include concisely worded thesis statements
  • support and develop that thesis
  • conclude by showing how the thesis is supported 


Writing spaces used in class Sunday Sept 18, 2011 

These spaces were used for brainstorming how to narrow topics


Homework due Tue Sept 20


Please complete the crossword on p.10 in College Writing from Paragraph to Essay

Read 11-16 and complete all the exercises in the book 

Please bring these books to class, with these pages filled in, this coming Tuesday


Also please bring your binder with plastic tabs for 15 weeks. The binder should contain:

  1. The syllabus for the course
  2. Your first writing sample, draft and revision (final printout after feedback) 



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