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Week 6 in FCWR101



Syllabus objectives for Week 6


  • Introductions and Conclusions (Sunday Oct 16) 
  • Test essay  1 (Tue Oct 18, 2011) 
  • Outlining skills: activities & tasks continued (Thu Oct 20)
  • Using Cohesive devices (discourse markers) 
  • Prepare outline of essay/research paper


Making outlines from thesis statements, and writing/revising the essay - Thursday, October 20, 2011


Class activities for Thursday October 20


Today, we looked at students; works, pasting them into the following workspace,



We worked together to

  • find and strengthen thesis statements
  • make outlines starting with the thesis statements
  • make outlines from already written paragraphs


The point of the exercise was to see how you can either

  • make an outline, then write an essay
  • or, if you write the essay first, you had better be able to outline it! 


Homework - FINAL revisions of 3-5 paragraph essay due Sunday Oct 23


From page 70 in you book,

  • First write a strong thesis statement
  • Prepare an outline with main and supporting ideas that will support your thesis
  • Write an essay from your outline

On Sunday Oct 23, final revisions are due on the essay AND THE OUTLINE 


Test Essay 1 - Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Introductions and Conclusions - Sunday, October 16, 2011


Class activities for Sunday October 16




We'll work in the book, Unit 10, on exercises on writing good introductions and conclusions.

For your 3-5 paragraph essays due today Sunday Oct 16 we will focus particularly on

  • outline
  • thesis statement
  • introduction
  • body
  • conclusion


Homework assigned Sunday October 16, due Tue Oct 18


Complete this work assigned Tuesday Oct 11 and due today (to be marked and feedback given Monday Oct 13)


In your book, Unit 9 ex 6 p. 70, it says:

Look at the thesis statement and topic sentences you wrote in Unit 8 ex 8 on p.62.

Write an outline for your essay.  Then write the essay.


In other words ...

  1. Explain any good thesis statement by means of an outline. then write the essay after the outline
  2. Share both the outline and the essay in a single Google Doc entitled 'outline/essay' 
  3. Develop this into 3 to 5 paragraphs (first paragraph is introduction and last is conclusion) 
  4. Complete your essay by Sunday Oct 16



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