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The Research Paper in FCWR101



Introduction to the mini-academic research paper assignment

Before the Eid you were given two documents regarding your research paper assignment


You should use this resource as a reference and model


Marking considerations


Topic of paper, title, and abstract approved by your teacher


Length = 1000 words 


Times New Roman, font size12, double spaced


APA style cover page as in http://owl.english.purdue.edu/media/pdf/20090212013008_560.pdf

Running head (or header) with (shortened) title and page numbers


Show evidence of research (reading about the topic)

Use at least 3 sources

  • Summarize, paraphrase, and quote appropriately from your sources
  • Copy of 1st page of 3 articles or title page of book to be submitted with 1st draft
  • Reference page lists sources in APA style 


Your paper has the following sections (with section titles)

  1. cover page
  2. abstract
  3. introduction
    1. minimum 1 paragraph
    2. has an interesting thesis statement (clear and specific)
  4. body 
    1. Here you have a minimum of 3 sections
    2. Each section covers one primary support (argument supporting the thesis)
      1. Show how each PS relates to your thesis   
      2. each PS is in turn supported by evidence from research   
      3. Secondary supports relate to the same primary support (might be in different paragraphs in the same section) 
  5. conclusion
    1. One good paragraph
    2. echos or mirrors the thesis
    3. summarizes how thesis was supported
    4. contains no new information 
  6. references 
    1. minimum of 3 references
    2. each reference quoted or referenced at least once in the body 
    3. Outdent the references; here’s how: http://screencast.com/t/YMFdVIGArs 


Submitting your work


You submit your work in 2 drafts plus a final

  • First draft due Nov 15
  • Second draft due Dec 1
  • Final version due  Dec 15
    You need to sign off on a form when you hand it in, so if you are not in class Tuesday Dec 13, please stop by Thursday, Dec 15, to leave off your research papers and folders, and sign the document, thanks :-) 


For the two drafts and the final version, you need to submit 3 copies

  • In Google Docs (this is optional) - here you can draft your work and get feedback from your teacher if you request it. When you are ready to submit a draft, copy it from your Google Doc and paste it into Word
  • Hard copy - You need to submit hard copy in that meets the requirements above
  • Soft copy - Please email the WORD FILE you used to print your hard copy to  your teacher



  • Your work is due at the end of the class period on its due date


What to give your teacher

  • By Nov 15 give your teacher a hard copy of your first draft
  • By Dec 1 hand in a second draft 
    AND the first draft with it
  • By Dec 15 give me the final 1000 words
    AND your folder 


In your folders (10% of your mark, we agreed 10% for homework :-) I need

  • Your test essays
  • All 3 versions of your research paper 



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